About Us
A name now synonymous with the shoes that India walks in, Rover made giant strides into the world of footwear in the year 1982 when Mr. Sudorsan Roy Burman emerged into footwear business.

With its foray in footwear retailing in 1982 Rover has scripted one of the biggest success stories in the footwear industry. With its birth began a journey that was to set an example for others to follow.

Growing from strength to strength, we have converted every obstacle we encountered into a stepping-stone towards success.

We never become satisfied. Our constant endeavour is to make more and more innovations in the world of footwear. Our only goal is to present our beloved customers with innovative and world class quality products at reasonable prices.

Our products are available in India through a wide chain of dealers and distributors.
Director Speech
Rover started its journey in the year 1982. From the very beginning our motto is to make quality footwear for common people at cheap prices.

Today we have a wide range of world class footwear. We are continuously trying to improve our product designs so that we can provide our beloved customers with more innovative products.